Want to be extra prepared for the Masquerade this Saturday? Download our program!

We’ll be offering programs at our Gate, but if you want to check out the event beforehand digitally, or even print out your own program, we’ve got you covered!

Click HERE to download a screen-viewable pdf version of the program

Click HERE to download a printable booklet pdf version of the program

Printing instructions: Don’t worry that some pages are upside-down! They’re supposed to be that way. Print double sided on Letter size paper (8.5″x11″) in landscape orientation,double-sided, flip on the long edge, page order: front to back

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      Ah good sir, I believe what the Lady meant to say was that paper suitable for LETTERS will be quite all right. Legal paper is, alas, illegal. I realize it’s confusing, but I blame the translation from the original Scots.

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