Ticket Questions

  • Q: Where can I purchase tickets?
    A: Up until the day before our Faire event, you can purchase them online at a discount. During the Faire event weekend, you may purchase them at the Front Gate with cash or card!

  • Q: Can I just put in my email for all the tickets I am purchasing?

    A: Unfortunately at this time, you have to put in different valid emails for each ticket. This is because the way our automated ticketing email system is set up, each of the recipients of a ticket will get their own email. If you put in a variant of your email that doesn’t actually exist (ie-johnsmith@email.com and johnsmith1@email.com), that ticket will not reach the person you were purchasing a ticket for. To ensure that everyone gets their ticket email, please put in a valid email address for every one. We’re working to see if there is a way to allow the same email to be put in for all tickets purchased in a single transaction, but for right now different valid emails must be used for each ticket (aside from children’s tickets).

  • Q: Do I need to print out my QR Ticket code?
    A: You can print it or simply bring it on your mobile device for scanning at the Gate!

  • Q: Help! I didn’t get an email with my QR Ticket Code!
    A: Email our Ticket Master at ticketmaster@arfaire.com saying you never received it. Be sure to include the name on the transaction so our Ticket Master can find your order.

  • Q: What if I never received my QR Ticket Code and I’m at the faire right now?
    A: That’s okay! You just have bring something to show you have bought tickets online. Your confirmation email (printed or on mobile device) is just fine. Our Gate staff will ask to confirm what type of ticket you got (1 Day or Pass, General, Child, Senior, or Vet), for demographic purposes.

  • Q: I can’t come to the faire anymore, but I already purchased my ticket. What can I do?
    A: You can email our Ticket Master at ticketmaster@arfaire.com for a refund, or you can give your QR Ticket Code to a friend who can go!

Parking Questions

  • Q: Where are you located?
    A: We’re located at 520 Doc Hawkins Road in Greeneville, TN. You can find our Directions page here!

  • Q: Where can I park?
    A: This year we have parking in a nearby field, located just adjacent and across the street from the faire. There will be staff to guide you. Parking is also $5, paid at the Front Gate. We also have overflow parking at the school before you reach the faire coming from I-81 with shuttle cars running. If you find you need to park in overflow parking, we recommend dropping off any passengers you may have and then going back to the school to park to help reduce shuttle trips. **Please do not park on the road itself! If you park on the road, your car will be subject to towing by the county.**

  • Q: Is there handicapped parking?
    A: We have limited handicapped parking right in front of the Gate on the faire site. It is free to park there!

Faire Questions

  • Q: Can Patrons bring weapons? 
    A: Yes, but they must have sheaths and must be checked at the Gate by safety and security staff and peace tied before entering the faire. The peace tie must stay on the entire time the patron is within faire grounds.

  • Q: Can I bring my dog (or other pet) to the faire?
    A: At this time, we are only allowing Service Animals into the faire. Any other pets must remain off faire grounds.

  • Q: Do your vendors accept cards?
    A: That depends on the vendor! Some may, but it might be better to prepare and bring some cash with you if you anticipate purchasing from them. The Faire accepts card and cash at our Treasure Trove to purchase Faire merchandise.

  • Q: Can I bring outside food and drink into the faire?
    A: While we would love for you to support our food vendors, we understand that some folks have dietary and allergy restrictions! You may bring outside food and drink into the faire as needed, but for health and safety reasons you cannot share it with other patrons, and absolutely no outside alcoholic beverages are permitted. If any patron is found having brought in an alcoholic beverage, it will result in removal from faire grounds without refund.